Share an au pair...

Our Share an au pair placement is a first of its kind in South Africa & probably the world! It is exactly what it says i.e. two households sharing an au pair. Maybe you are part of a close-knit extended family or friends who have become family? If you share similar parenting philosophies & world views & the kids get along.Then Share an au pair™ is for you. Complete the Family Application Form so we can furnish you with a quote! Or contact us for any other queries.

Two families, one au pair, twice the value!

happy family looking for au pair



Q:Who pays what?
A: 50 \ 50 is the simplest solution. If it’s going to be more complicated discuss & agree on hours & payment splits first.

Q: Who’s premises will the au pair work from?
A: It’s completely up to you. Have a conversation as a group before hand.Q: Who does the au pair report to? If it concerns your family they report to you & visa versa.

General: With proper prior planning & communication sharing an au pair can be a great success. There are some really good free project management apps that can help keep track of schedules & tasks.